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Celebrating 75 years

of Taggart Group!

our Story

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With a vision of contributing to building Ottawa’s future, Harold Taggart opened his first construction company in 1948, specializing in infrastructure.

Since then, the Taggart family has been instrumental in the construction and land development industries in Eastern Ontario. Over several decades, the company has evolved and grown, securing new business along the way and ultimately becoming one of the largest and most well-known development companies in the Capital Region and beyond under the name Taggart Group of Companies.

Today, the business consists of Doran Contractors Limited, Tamarack Homes, Tartan Homes, Taggart Construction Limited, and Taggart Realty Management. Together, the company offers a diverse portfolio, including residential, industrial and commercial developments, general contracting, engineering and infrastructure, land development and property management. It also involves three generations of family members who have joined the growing family business.

Recognized for its commitment to quality and sustainability, Taggart Group of Companies has built strong ties to the region and its people. It has won numerous awards for its developments and projects, including its high-end, well-crafted properties.


This year, Taggart Group of Companies looks to celebrate all that has been accomplished in the communities it serves and to honour the people who have made meaningful contributions along the way.   


Building our Community Today for Tomorrow




'75 Years of Community Building'


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