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We know at Taggart Group of Companies we are only as good as our people. We want to introduce you to some of the skilled men and women behind the projects taking place across Eastern Ontario.


Of the over 700 skilled employees across Taggart Group of Companies, more than 200 have been with the company for the last decade or more!


Years Of Service Badge_20.png

Paul M.

William M.

Jacqueline C.

Christine C.

Andrea T.

Michael K.

Abdonel B.

Pierre S.

Tricia M.

Andrew M.

Beverly H.

Chris T.

William B.

Dave P.

Lesley L.

Pat R.

Kevin H.

Julie T.

Timothy M.

Marie-Josee B.

Jeff P.

Ron C.

Pearl A.

Grant W.

David H.

Valerie T.

James L.

Devin H.

Justin H.

Kimberly B.

Larry E.

Julie G.

Steven W.

Marty W.

Jonathan D.

Andre S.

Craig L.

Jeff T.

Miguel A.

Years Of Service Badge_25.png

Kim K.

Luc L.

Darryl R.

Mary Louise W.

Laurie W.

Ken S.

Caroline S.

Michael T.

Jan R.

Art B.

Jeff D.

Pierre B.

Chuck J.

Years Of Service Badge_30.png

Morgan M.

Victor D.

Jason L.

Ronald A.

Miles M.

Scott P.

Maurice P.

Denis R.

Christopher T.

Pierre D.

Mark M.

Heather L.

Arthur W.

Jennifer M.

Cheryl B.

Roger B.

Chris T.

Tony L.

Jeff M.

Steven S.

Laura S.

Barry R.

Randy T.

Randy D.

Perry P.

Years Of Service Badge_40.png

Guy G.

Mike S.

Doug H.

Steven K.

Karl M.

Jacques L.  

Cameron D.

Stanley C.

Years Of Service Badge_20 copy.png

Ian T.

Barry S.

James T.

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